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Apa Kata Mereka Tentang Isu Pencerobohan Pengganas Tausug

Fernando Gutierrez:
Indeed what a mess, and pity to ordinary Pilipinos who are in Malaysia just to earn a descent living.
We can thanks the brain dead Tausug clan for it.

Roger Wilcockson:
Sadly, the only thing that these bandits from Sulu are achieving is to make all Filipinos unwelcome in Sabah and Malaysia as a whole. How many Filipino livelihoods must be destroyed before these idiots and the unenlightened who have posted uneducated pathetic gung-ho comments recognise the reality that there is no legitimacy to what these bandits are doing? Sabah belongs to the indigenous peoples that called that place their home long before any foreigner invaded from Sulu.

the tausog they havent start the lasts resort , the burning and bombing to create chaos ,the malaysian will retaliate they can use their napalm bomb up to kota kinabalu ,what a mess why not use dialog to avert bloodshed.

Andrei Mendoza Guest:
well.. many filipinos still clinging to the "historical claims" - and they use that to reinforce the claim. There is no longer a sultanate, the era of sultans has been long gone, there is only one government and that is the "Republic of the Philippines"

many filipinos here do not think thoroughly, they think a group of "royal army" is sufficient enough to re-take the sabah, I am sure, the malaysian government will throw everything they have both military and political to prevent that from happening and how a group of "sultan's army" can re-take the sabah? they don't even have the support of the philippines government?

Maracaibo pinoypower:
NO. Philippine goverment never bring this case to ICJ.
Malaysia had lost Pulau Batu Puteh(Pedra Branca) to Singapore and won Ligitan & Sipadan from Indonesia. Both cases were brought to ICJ. Every single human on earth has a right to claim anything  even milky way & Andromeda galaxy or everything in between, but must be in the proper way,follow due process & rule of law. That's how the system goes for civilized nation & makes human race difference frm the animal kingdom.
Do Tausug has a word 'civilised' in their vocabs. I dont think so refering to the piracy & barbaric m.o in the Sabah.

Wake up my friend. Now is 2013, not 1513 anymore.
Philippine Government
Philippine Government

Buaya Darat:
only the indigenous peoples of sabah will decide their fate, its their ancestry land long before the sultanate of brunei gave north borneo as gift to the suluk suluk philippine will administer sabah...

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Putri Mac 16, 2013  

pinoy yg dtg nyemak kat sabah pun ramai yg illegal.suruh pihak pilipin anta kapal ambik semua rakyat haram dia.banyak sangat mulut kutuk msia

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